“This is a real shit show”

A few days ago, we were all excited for our next night of camping, where we would set up our tents next to a two thousand year old section of the Great Wall of China.

The weather didn’t cooperate though. We were riding into a very strong headwind. It then started raining heavily. To make a long story short, by the end of the day about half of the riders (myself included) were picked up by the van and driven the rest of the way to camp. We then all frantically dug into our secondary bags to find our warmest clothes.

Daniel, the last rider to make it to camp under his own power, summed it up best. When he arrived, after warming up with a couple of bowls of soup and cups of coffee, he said “This is a real shit show.”

5 thoughts on ““This is a real shit show””

  1. Keep on, Micah… we’re riding with you. How’s about the map at the top of the page having a small red dot showing your present position… so we can get that sense of space and geography, and also perhaps some google map references to go by…. or did I miss something earlier. By the time you’re finished your ride you’ll be a trained bike-paratrooper, and in superb shape, hopefully. Toronto has lots of ravines… you could chart out some new, difficult trails in the midst of the city….
    but in the meantime….
    all the best on your journey

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