The Silk Route 2014 is officially over! We made it to Istanbul after an amazing few days of riding, through beautiful forests, steep hills, and a little bit of rain. We biked along the shore of the Black Sea before cutting inland and riding down the Bosphorus strait into Istanbul.

Here is my actual GPS recorded ride (with a few blank spots where I was sick or tired and riding in the truck):


10,707.25 km in 98 days of riding
68,414 m total elevation gained / 7.73 Everests!
467 hours on the bike

4 thoughts on “Istanbul!”

  1. Keep pumping iron (or aluminum, or fibre, or….
    and keep us posted
    Aren’t ball bearings a great invention?
    They are tireless, as long as you keep them well adjusted… not too tight, not too lose,
    and lubricated. How are your joints? How is your seat. Are you the better for wear?
    Can you do the return trip? Would you? How’s about a return to Canada over the ice bridges?
    (I suspect you’re dreaming of the comforts of home, by now…. but….)
    keep on pumping
    unka Morley

  2. yayayay! we are all so excited for you and looking forward to seeing you. Marvin wants to ask you how your bike trip is? Nestor says, “hesapetcha bike”. xo

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