Going offline

Tomorrow morning we’re riding West from Kashgar towards our first border crossing, into Kyrgyzstan. We have been told that there will most likely not be any phone or internet service for the next three weeks. So don’t expect any updates!


One thought on “Going offline”

  1. Hi Micah
    Were you associated with Grand Touring Autos? Dupont Street, now. If not, you’d be interested in knowing that yesterday afternoon I visited with my two grandsons, your third cousins Elias and Joel, in from Sweden who are interested in cars. Elias liked the formal version of the Rolls sedan best of all. Joel prefers to think about the fact that the better the car, the more it pollutes, and vice-versa. So between the Rolls, Bentleys, Aston Martins and Jaguars, we were welcomed, and we had a great time looking. And now, here you are pedalling your way to the west, the least polluting mode of transportation possible, and your vehicle is so unpolluting it is place in the category of non-sporting machines, (Aston Martin)…yet it is the most sporting of machines. Have fun. Keep pumping. Remember the millions who are pedalling heavy chinese bikes, getting even more exercise, pumping iron (I call it). Now, I want to see you hit a few major hills, or even mountains, hm? Unkamo.

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