Riding to Turpan

We made it to Turpan! The region is known for its grapes and wine, and the street our hotel is on is covered in grape vines.

It has beenĀ very hot the last few days, although they keep telling us that Turkmenistan will be much hotter. Turpan is in a giant hole in the earth, going down to about 200m below sea level. For us it means that the next few days we will be riding uphill! Also, I saw two camels on the side of the road.

2 thoughts on “Riding to Turpan”

  1. keep a’pumpin
    how many revolutions of the crank in the entire trip?
    how many miles have the ball bearings travelled inside the crank hub?
    how many blisters have you overcome?
    how much wine was available?
    how many questions have you answered for curious natives?
    how many memories are you making?
    continue having a great time
    with love, UnkaMo

    1. Those would be some big numbers! No blisters yet, generally people’s bums cause the most problems. Mine has been good so far.

      We have tried a couple bottles of Chinese wine (widely available), but the beer is much better. Although it is usually only 2.5%-3.5% alcohol.

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