Rain and mud

This morning it was raining a lot. But it was still pretty warm, so the rain was not unpleasant. One of the guys I was riding with got a flat, so we took shelter in the garage of a nearby house to work on the bike. The family who lived there was very nice and even helped us with the repairs.

We had to cross two bridges that were under construction and made of dirt. In the rain, this dirt of course turned into mud. Here is another rider’s picture of one of the bridges:

We had pretty nice weather for the rest of the day, but we passed through a few towns that had garbage everywhere. The smell of garbage was sometimes interrupted by the smell of sewage.

Our lunch stop was set up in the middle of a town, and there were lots of people gathered around to watch us eat.

On most days we see these trucks full of pigs. They are pretty gross so I hadn’t taken a photo of one until now. This truck pulled into the gas station that we stopped at to wash the mud off of our bikes.

I washed my riding clothes in the sink of our hotel room:

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